useful-informations Useful informations

Consultations Cabinet Chirurgie de la Face – Lyon Mermoz Street Jacqueline Auriol 4 Lyon 69008 00 33 4 78 00 22 23… (Read more)

jean-mermoz-private-hospital Jean Mermoz Private Hospital

The interventions are carried out at the Jean Mermoz Private Hospital, the largest private surgical facility in Lyon. The quality of care has… (Read more)

dr-darcissac-barbe-dr-jeanniot Dr Darcissac-Barbe & Dr Jeanniot

The doctors Véronique Darcissac-Barbe (oral surgeon) and Pierre-Yves Jeanniot (maxillofacial surgeon) were trained in Lyon. Their specialities are… (Read more)

ear-surgery Ear Surgery

The ear surgery is carried exclusively to the visible outer part that is the pinna. It concerns: congenital malformations of the external… (Read more)

smile-surgery Smile Surgery

Smile surgery includes: oral surgery (extraction of wisdom teeth, cysts, dental implants...) surgery of the jaws (orthognathic surgery, chin… (Read more)

nose-surgery Nose Surgery

The nose is a complex organ with multiple functions such as facial aesthetics or breathing. Nose surgery is demanding and requires experience and… (Read more)

eyelid-surgery Eyelid Surgery

The aging of the eyes is often felt like a tired facial appearance. The first changes usually appear to 35/40 years. Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging… (Read more)

skin-surgery Skin surgery

It concerns: exeresis and reconstruction of skin tumors (squamous and basal cell carcinomas, melanomas) exeresis of nevi (moles) or non-cosmetic… (Read more)

facial-rejuvenation Facial Rejuvenation

The aging often gives a face sternly or tired. There are many ways in which to restore a more youthful appearance to the face. Aesthetic medicine… (Read more)

injections Injections

Aesthetic medicine has a set of non-surgical techniques to mitigate the effects of aging and blemishes. It intervenes in the treatment of wrinkles… (Read more)

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