Bone grafts

Bone grafts


The aging of the face is very often accompanied by tooth loss (accident, infection ...), leading to resorption of the bone contact. This results in as many years an overall decrease in the amount and quality of the maxillary and mandibular bones.

If the decrease in bone volume is important, the use of a bone graft may be required before the dentalimplant. This bone can be a « bone substitute » or from the patient (mandible, iliac crest, skull).



The bone graft is performed as an outpatient (in and out the same day) or during a short hospital stay. Anesthesia is variable depending on the type of transplant to achieve.

It can be performed in some cases at the same time as the implantplacement.

Postoperative periods

The disadvantages are variable depending on the type of bone graft.

Our opinion

It is sometimes necessary to use a bone graft to allow placement of dentalimplant. Many techniques exist and must be discussed in terms of expectations and constraints of the patient.

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