Cervicofacial lift

Cervicofacial lift


The aging of the face has several causes:

  • The quality of the skin changes (loss of elasticity and tone) causing a wrinkled appearance and relaxation (the « jowls » are an example)
  • A change in volume by melting fat

The result is a face that has lost its oval sign of youth.

The rejuvenation of the face is achieved by restoring volumes (filler or lipostructure) and tissue retightening (facelifts).


Head and neck linfting is performed as an outpatient or during a short hospital stay. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia or neuroleptic.

The incision, discreet, is largely hidden behind the ear and in the hair.

The facelift may be associated with:

Son of the skin and staples on the scalp close the incisions. It is sometimes necessary to place small drains to prevent the formation of a hematoma. They will be removed the day after surgery. A bandage is put in place to protect the scars.

Postoperative periods

Sutures and staples are removed several times between the 8th and 15th day.

Possible disadvantages are: edema, bruising in the neck area and chin, feeling of tension or cartonnement especially behind the ears. They can last for days or even weeks.

The professional activity can be resumed after about 15 days.
Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 1-2 months.
After 2 or 3 months, edema completely regressed.
The scars will gradually subside until the 6th month

The final result of the facelift is 1 year. It lasts 10 years on average.

Our opinion

The cervicofacial lift is the flagship intervention in facial rejuvenation. A good result requires a good quality skin.

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