Drs Darcissac-Barbe and Jeanniot consult in their offices. They exercise a professional activity.

The price of a consultation varies from 50 to 60 €.

The consultation has several purposes. First contact between the patient and his surgeon, it leads to a personalized treatment plan. It lets you search for health problems that will be a source of possible postoperative complications. Finally, it allows for an estimate of the intervention.

The purpose of this initial contact is that the patient leave with all the information necessary for its reflection on the surgery.

Informed consent and a quote will be given before any intervention.

Once decided, we will give you all the necessary papers. You are now accompanied to the day of his speech. Our assistant will help you with questions of practical organization.


Dr. Pierre-Yves Jeanniot

Dr. Pierre-Yves Jeanniot is maxillofacial surgeon. He specializes in facial surgery and carries himself all its interventions. He is registered to… (Read more)

Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe

Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe is a oral surgeon. She specializes in oral surgery and carries herself all her interventions. She is registered to… (Read more)

Jean Mermoz Private Hospital

The interventions are carried out at the Jean Mermoz Private Hospital, the largest private surgical facility in Lyon. The quality of care has… (Read more)

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