Dark ring under the eye

Dark ring under the eye

The dark ring under the eye is a variation of the coloration of the skin at the jugo-palpebral furrow.

The causes are multiple:

  • modification of the capillary and lymphatic vasculature
  • decrease in skin thickness eyelid
  • heredity
  • fatigue
  • tobacco, alcohol and stress
  • aging (alteration of skin trophicity)

The dark ring under the eye has undergone many treatments with varying degrees of success (concealer creams, peeling, carboxytherapy, hyaluronic acid injection, intense pulsed light ...).

The micro-injections PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) in the lower eyelid are one. This is a non-surgical method booming, to obtain more and more success in the treatment of the ring. The principle is simple: under the eyelid inject autologous plasma rich in platelets, growth factors and stem cells that have been extracted from the patient's own blood. Once injected, it changes the local vascularization and skin trophicity. This treatment does not require hospitalization.


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