Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe

Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe

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Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe is a oral surgeon. She specializes in oral surgery and carries herself all her interventions.

She is registered to the Ordre des Médecins du Rhone under number 08289.

She practises at JeanMermozPrivateHospital.


  • Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe is a oral surgeon
  • She did all his medical studies in Lyon


  • Thesis of PhD in Medicine
  • CES Stomatology and Oral Surgery
  • CES Human Biology
  • DU Injections and Filling techniques in Plastic and Maxillo-Facial Surgery (University of Paris)

Teaching and scientific activity

  • Dr. Véronique Darcissac-Barbe travels regularly to French and international conferences
  • She is a member of SFSCMFCO and CMSCMFF (French Societies of Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Surgery)
  • She participates in the training of practitioners in the context of bone grafts 

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