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Extraction<br/>of wisdom teeth

Extraction of wisdom teeth


Wisdom teeth (molars) are the farthest teeth in the dental arch. Eruption is at the end of the growing facial bones to 17 years and requires that it be sufficient to give them the necessary space.

Extraction may be necessary in different situations:

  • Prior to the eruption, are likely to disrupt the proper dental alignment due to space. 
  • After their rash if sources of pain or infection (caries)


The extraction of wisdom teeth occurs during a short hospital stay (half a day on average). It is performed in the operating room to reduce the risk of infection and anesthesia (neuroleptic).

If the teeth are not output, sutures with absorbable sutures are made to close the gingival opening.


Postoperative periods

After extraction of wisdom teeth, the main drawback is swelling of the cheeks (edema), sometimes with a few bruises (bruises). Postoperative pain is relieved by analgesics adapted and applying ice for several days.

In case of sutures, it is not necessary to remove the son because they are absorbable.

Our opinion

In a bad position, third molars can be a source of infection and disturbance of dental alignment. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a fast action that avoids these complications.

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