Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

The aging often gives a face sternly or tired.

There are many ways in which to restore a more youthful appearance to the face.
Aesthetic medicine and surgery are part of the therapeutic arsenal of rejuvenation.
It is possible at all ages to prevent and correct so targeted the stigma of aging.



Blepharoplasty is surgery to correct the grown old and tired appearance of the… (Read more)

of the oval face

Liposuction of the oval face is the procedure for removing localized fat overloads (double… (Read more)


Lipostructure is the intervention to restore volume to the… (Read more)

Cervicofacial lift

The face lift is surgery to treat sagging skin and muscles of the face and… (Read more)

Aging face

It would be too simple to consider the aging face as a simple cutaneous relaxation (« wrinkled »). The amendments concern the skeleton (« framing… (Read more)

Useful informations

Consultations Cabinet Chirurgie de la Face – Lyon Mermoz Street Jacqueline Auriol 4 Lyon 69008 00 33 4 78 00 22 23… (Read more)


Drs Darcissac-Barbe and Jeanniot consult in their offices. They exercise a professional activity. The price of a consultation varies from 50 to 60… (Read more)

Jean Mermoz Private Hospital

The interventions are carried out at the Jean Mermoz Private Hospital, the largest private surgical facility in Lyon. The quality of care has… (Read more)

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