Frontotemporal lift

Frontotemporal lift


To 40 years, cheekbones are less « high » that can cause a heavier look. Expression wrinkles appear: between the eyebrows (« frown lines ») horizontally on the forehead and around the eyes (the « crow's feet »).

All these signs give you a tired appearance.

The facelift frontotemporal attenuates up those wrinkles.


The facelift frontotemporal is performed on an outpatient basis or during a short hospital stay. It is usually performed under neuroleptanalgesia, rarely under general anesthesia and lasts about 1 hour.

An incision is made in the hair at each temple (2-4 cm). The entire top of the face (forehead, eyelids and cheeks) will be remodeled under constant control of an endoscopic camera.

Scars are closed with staples.

Postoperative periods

The two scars do not need to be protected with a bandage and remain hidden in the hair.

The rejuvenating effect is important in the first days.

Possible disadvantages are swelling, bruising, decreased sensitivity of the front. These signs last from 10 days to 1 month.

The staples are removed on the 10th day. The final scar is hidden in hair.

The result lasts 10 years.

Our opinion

The facelift frontotemporal is of excellent indication in adults from 40 years on average, at the first signs of aging. The result is durable and very natural. The facial features are rejuvenated and look.

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