The chin is an important part of the harmony of the face.

If aesthetic anomalies chin, there are several types of treatments. For small imperfections, it may be wise to use injectable implants. But to change the projection and shape of the chin, it is necessary to resort to surgery correcting the bone (osteotomy of the bony chin).


Genioplasty requires overnight postoperative hospital. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

The incision is made in the mouth and will not be visible on the skin.
The bony chin is cut so careful, carved and set by very small screws that fit into the bone.
The incision is closed with absorbable thread.

The genioplasty may be associated to orthognathicsurgery (bimaxillaryosteotomy, maxillary or mandibular).

Postoperative periods

After surgery, a dressing is applied to the skin of the chin for 72 hours to press the soft parts of the underlying bone.

Possible disadvantages of the genioplasty are edema and decreased skin sensitivity to the chin for a few days after surgery

Feeding is normal in the aftermath of the intervention.

There is no need to remove the screws, they will not interfere.

Our opinion

A large majority of practitioners inject implants or chin implants because they do not usually intervene on bone. However, these techniques are not without risk (allergy, infection, rejection). In our view, only a genioplasty by bone chin transposition osteotomy provides good final results.

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