The aging of the face has several causes:

  • The quality of the skin changes (loss of elasticity and tone) causing a wrinkled appearance and relaxation (the « jowls » are an example)
  • A change in volume by melting fat.

The result is a face that has lost its oval sign of youth.

The rejuvenation of the face is achieved by restoring volumes (filler or lipostructure) and tissue retightening (facelifts).

The principle of lipostructure (or « lipo-filling ») is to remove fat in one location of the body, purify and returned into the area to which you want to restore volume.
The advantages are: reinjection own fat (no rejection phenomenon or allergy), and can restore the most important with resorbable implants volumes.


Lipostructure is performed as an outpatient (you go out in the morning and afternoon). It is performed under local anesthesia or neuroleptic.

The area used for sampling (belly, knees or buttocks) is anesthetized. The fat is removed using very fine needles. Then after few minutes of preparation, it is fed in the face by restoring volume where it is needed.

Postoperative periods

Possible disadvantages are: swelling of the treated area accompanied sometimes a few bruises. They can last for ten days.

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the injection 6 to 12 months later to get a transplant enduring several years.

Our opinion

Lipostructure is an alternative to injectable volumizing, which are not devoid of inflammatory risk and costly. It also has the advantage of achieving lasting results.

As part of a facelift, lipostructure is today often associated as it sets, by volume, the oval of a young face.

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