Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

The nose is a complex organ with multiple functions such as facial aesthetics or breathing. Nose surgery is demanding and requires experience and knowledge.

There are different situations in rhinoplasty

The nose contributes to the harmony of the face. It may for example modify the traits by homogenization of its shape. The purpose of a primary rhinoplasty is to remedy the constitutional deformations. It is important to know how to analyze the entire face to determine an appropriate treatment plan. For example, there may be a false sense of prominent nose if retromandibulie (lower jaw too far back). In this case, a surgical procedure performed on the nose only result in a mean score on the harmony of the face.

Primary nose surgery can be performed at the end of adolescence (bone and cartilage growth is complete), mainly young adults (20-30 years), but can be done later.

A nose may have been traumatized in many situations. It can for example be adeviationofthenasalseptum after a broken nose. This one can be responsible for external deformations (nasal bridge ...) and / or internal (responsible for respiratory gene). 

A nose can also be "damaged" during a previous rhinoplasty (excessive bone resection ...) You will have to be careful not to aggravate the major or minor defects by a new intervention.

In all cases, the process of healing after trauma or surgery should be completed (within 6 to 12 months).

  • Reconstruct a partially or completely amputated nose

Surgery (removalofacancerouslesion ...) or trauma (accident of the public highway) may be responsible for a partial or total amputation of the nasal pyramid. To recover from such situations happening in part by a cosmetic facial reconstruction.



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