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Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery


The face is composed of several bones whose upper and lower jaw bones, or « maxillar » and « mandible ». These bones have several roles:

  • Aesthetic (supporting soft tissues, they define facial features)
  • Functional (chewing, swallowing, speech)

A bone defect (deficiency or excess of the jaw) may result in functional impairment and / or a cosmetic defect. Correcting these problems by realigning the jaw is called orthognathic surgery. It can affect the lower jaw (mandibularosteotomy), the upper jaw (maxillaryosteotomy) or 2 (bi-maxillary osteotomy).

If maxillary bone defect and / or mandible, the following problems may occur: chronic pain preauricular (dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints), gap (contact fault between the upper and lower incisors), not harmonious profile (remote or jaw proéminante) syndromeofobstructivesleepapnea.

Orthognathic surgery is usually accompanied by orthodontic treatment. Indeed dental articulation (ratio between the teeth that oppose the time of closure of the mouth) is often disrupted. In this case it is necessary to straighten teeth to get good dental stalling after realignment of the maxilla and / or mandible.

The preparation time can be greatly accelerated thanks to a little prior intervention performed as an outpatient, the corticotomies interalveolar.


The Surgery Orthognathic occurs during a hospital stay of several days. It is performed under general anesthesia.

The incisions are placed inside the mouth, there is no External scars. The bone is cut accurately with a device to the ultrasound Piezotome. The jaws are then repositioned and fixed by the small plates and screws entirely integrated with the bone.

The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures.

Postoperative periods

The hospital stay lasts a few days.

Power must be soft for about 6 weeks, the bone healing time.

A work stoppage of one month is required.

The main disadvantages of orthognathic surgery are swelling of the face for about one month and sometimes a decrease in sensitivity when touching the skin level of the lower lip.

Our opinion

Known for many years, orthognathic surgery is now a well codified treatment. The improvement in functional terms is well established. It also provides a harmony of facial aesthetics by rebalancing the face and slows the signs of facial aging.

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