Surgery for protruding ears or otoplasty mainly for children but can also affect adults

Protruding ears easily and quickly become a complex.

You must be at least 7 years to operate (end of growth of the pinna).


Otoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis (in the morning and coming out in the afternoon). It is usually performed under general anesthesia or neuroleptic in very young children.

For each ear, the incision is hidden in the crease behind the ear. The scar will be invisible.

Postoperative periods

End of the procedure, a bandage is made and left for 24 hours. It is then replaced by a simple sports headband.

The main disadvantages of otoplasty is a painful sensation for about 48 hours, and the port of the day and night headband for 7 days and night for 3 weeks.

The final result was acquired between 6 to 9 months after surgery.

Our opinion

Otoplasty is a simple intervention, a source of immediate beneficial psychological effect.

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