Smile Surgery

Smile Surgery

Smile surgery includes:

« A smile is often essential. We are paid by a smile. We are rewarded with a smile. »
From Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Extract of Letter to a hostage 


Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is surgery to correct the bad position of the jaws in order to obtain an ideal tooth… (Read more)

Bone grafts

The bone graft is surgery to increase bone… (Read more)

Dental implants

The dental implant is a bone anchor (maxillary or mandibular) for receiving a dental… (Read more)

Dr Darcissac-Barbe & Dr Jeanniot

The doctors Véronique Darcissac-Barbe (oral surgeon) and Pierre-Yves Jeanniot (maxillofacial surgeon) were trained in Lyon. Their specialities are… (Read more)

Useful informations

Consultations Cabinet Chirurgie de la Face – Lyon Mermoz Street Jacqueline Auriol 4 Lyon 69008 00 33 4 78 00 22 23… (Read more)


Drs Darcissac-Barbe and Jeanniot consult in their offices. They exercise a professional activity. The price of a consultation varies from 50 to 60… (Read more)

Jean Mermoz Private Hospital

The interventions are carried out at the Jean Mermoz Private Hospital, the largest private surgical facility in Lyon. The quality of care has… (Read more)

of wisdom teeth

The extraction of wisdom teeth mainly concerns impacted teeth,… (Read more)

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